We previously published a post about the food that you can find at Menggatal Plaza in the daytime, but what about when you get hungry at night? Not to worry, there are also many options for the evening eaters, whether you are looking for a quick munch or a filling meal! Below are 10 foods that you must try on your next trip to Menggatal Plaza!

Relax Coffee Cafe is a great place to just sit back, chillax, and enjoy a cup of beverage or snacks. The atmosphere here is excellent; whether you feel like being alone or hanging out with friends, this is one of the best places to be!

Relax Signature Cheesy Snacks 

Relax Signature Cheesy Snacks is a tray of warm and toasty tortilla chips, drizzled with a mildly spicy cheesy sauce and bits of melted mozzarella cheese. There are also little chunks of chicken here and there, and a generous sprinkle of mixed spices like paprika and cinnamon. This crispy snack is great to be shared among friends over a drink or two. Be sure to squeeze the lemon juice over the chips if you like a tangy, refreshing twist.

Price: RM 12.90
Address: Relax Coffee Cafe

Cheesy Chicken on Papan

This “papan” is an all-in-one: crunchy deep fried chicken chop drizzled with cheesy sauce, buttery scrambled eggs with baked beans, banana toast, sweet boiled tapioca and creamy coleslaw. Another one that is excellent for sharing with friends!

Price: RM 28.00
Address: Relax Coffee Cafe

Phoenix Restaurant is a good place to go if you’re looking for delicious Cantonese Chinese food. Somewhat like a neighbourhood joint, it’s a good place for families to gather around and share a good meal together. One good thing about this place is that their kitchen segment is well-sectioned, so you don’t get any smokey smell from the kitchen.

Fried Tom Yam Meehoon

Regular fried meehoon (rice noodles) gets a flavour twist in this dish, because it is fried with tangy tom yam paste and fresh tomatoes! With an option of either meat or seafood, this dish is served with fresh shredded cucumbers and a lime on top for some tangy goodness!

Price: RM 10.00
Address: Phoenix Restaurant

Pork Belly with Salted Fish

This is a classic favourite, with slices of pork belly stir fried with salted fish, dried chilli, cubed onions and dark soy sauce. The strong flavours in this dish is perfect when paired with some plain rice. Definitely a must-try!

Price: RM 12.00 (small), RM 20.00 (large)
Address: Phoenix Restaurant

This place is perfect for those who would like to have a quick meal and go. Service is always fast, and their menu offers quick and simple items such as the chicken rice mentioned above, kon lo mee, side dishes like boiled bean sprouts (tau geh) and vegetables. They also offer stir-fried noodle dishes such as Tuaran Mee on their menu.

Chicken Rice (Roasted/Steamed)

This is everyone’s go-to for a quick and simple meal. The rice is fragrant, served with either roasted or steamed chicken. They also serve Kon Lou Mee, and other side dishes. Don’t forget to try out their homemade blended chilli, it brings out the flavour of the chicken!

Price: RM 5.30
Address: Juara Xpress

If you’re in the mood for little snack items in the evening, Kedai Kopi Memang is definitely a good choice. A variety of stalls are open almost every day, and they recently also opened a dumpling stall. My suggestion is that you bring more friends, so you can order more food to share!

Ikan Bakar 


A fresh fish of your choice is prepared, marinated and pan-grilled on the spot with caramelised onions and sweet sambal (blended chilli paste). It is served with savoury sambal belacan for dipping, and limes to give it a refreshing tangy flavour.

Price: varies depending on type of fish and weight, but the one we had was RM 14.00
Address: Ikan Bakar Nicholas (stall at Kedai Kopi Memang)

Dim Sum


Who doesn’t love hot, steamy dim sum at any time of the day? These meaty chunks of heaven are kept warm in the steamer, and there are a variety of different ones to choose from: Siu Mai, Pi Tan Mai (Century Egg), Kai Kiok (Chicken Feet), Pai Kut (Spare Ribs), and more!

Price: RM 4.00 each plate
Address: Jimmy Dim Sum (stall at Kedai Kopi Memang)

BBQ and Steamboat Buffet
(serves no pork)

The best thing about this is that there is a wide hot plate surrounding the steamboat, making it easy to pan grill meat, seafood, or even come up with your own stir-fry! A variety of fresh meat, seafood and vegetables are available for you to eat to your heart’s content, as well as soft drinks and ice cream for desserts!

Price: Adult RM 30.00, Children under 12 RM 15.00
Address: (Ladleful BBQ & Steamboat Buffet)

Grilled Chicken Chop

Fellow KK-ians, who doesn’t know Upperstar? Well you’ll be glad to know that KK City’s home-grown restaurant and grill is also open at Menggattal Plaza! This dish doesn’t need much explaining: a tender, boneless chicken thigh is marinated and grilled to perfection, and served with their version of creamy carbonara sauce. Quick tip: if you would like something different from the crinkle-cut fries they serve, you can opt for them to switch it with potato wedges for no extra charge!

Price: RM 14.95
Address: Upperstar Chicken Restaurant, Menggatal Plaza

Roti Cobra

Roti Cobra is perhaps relatively new to the KK Mamak scene, but it has been served in KL for many years. A fresh, pan-fried Roti is served with a fried egg on top, and drenched with your curry of choice, huge chunks of meat included! We opted for Mutton curry, but you are free to pick from any of the delicious options they have on display!

Price: RM 11
Address: Anak Mami Nasi Kandar, Menggatal Plaza

Aside from these, there are also plenty of food stalls outside of CKS Hypermarket, as well as the Menggatal Food Street. One thing is for sure, it definitely has potential to be the next “it” food destination in KK City!