Daniel Wong

Hi! I am Daniel.

About the author:

How I review my food?

  • Most of the foods are recommended by readers
  • I go try the food, and decide if it’s really good
  • If 10 people say it’s good, I say NOPE… then it won’t appear here
  • *Update* – I no longer do free food reviews, for latest updates, please go Facebook and search for these Pages
    • taste of sabah
    • sabah food porn
    • makan makan kota kinabalu
    • sabaheats
    • kota kinabalu eats

Why my food is not on the list?

  • No one recommends me?
  • I haven’t try
  • Maybe I tried many times but decided not to post up here

“Come review my food!”

  • Nah… I’ll pass.

How can I contact you?

  • You can reach me via the form in Contact page.