So recently Alu Alu just opened a new outlet at Kolombong, rebranded themselves as “Alu Alu Kitchen”, no longer “Alu Alu Cafe”, which was at Jesselton Point all these years.

Alu Alu Kitchen still serves at Gayana Eco Resort.

I was invited to makan makan at their new premise last weekend, so I invited a few fellow bloggers to join me eat.

Steamed White Blotched Snapper in “Hong Kong Style” with Fine Soy Sauce 港式蒸海底雞Steamed White Blotched Snapper in “Hong Kong Style” with Fine Soy Sauce 港式蒸海底雞

They serve their own farm-bred organic “hoi dai kai”, also known as hybrid grouper. I don’t know how to differentiate fishes from the wild or farm bred.

All I know is the fish is really fresh, the light soy sauce heighten the tastes, and the fish is just well cooked.

I definitely come back for the fish again. Yumm!

Update: I went to Alu Alu Kitchen again on the same weekend, saw 2 mid-age guy sitting at table, having their own x1 fish on their own.

Sharing such a fish doesn’t seemed like a good idea to them. I reckon it’s because it’s an indulgence to have entire fish for your own.

Chinese Herb Yam with Fish Head Soup 芋香鱼头腩汤

Chinese Herb Yam with Fish Head Soup 芋香鱼头腩汤

Who would have thought yam goes so well into the soup?

The broth itself is already flavourful with entire fish head in it, flavour is adjusted to yummy taste with various Chinese herbs. The yam slightly thickens the broth… and the fish meat blends in so well with the soup. All the best stuff goes into a bowl of soup.

One spoonful of soup comes after one another. Ei? Habis liao… why so fast.

“Who took my fish head?!”

Steamed Fish Head with Asam Curry 咖喱亞參魚頭腩

Steamed Fish Head with Asam Curry 咖喱亞參魚頭腩

This dish came up too early during our food review. Why? This dish is so FLAVOURFUL, and you cannot tahan just by eating curry by itself – it must goes with warm, white rice!!

This thing can make you tambah nasi, again and again. Also the hidden hybrid grouper in every bite. But be careful with fish bones because the fish broken down entirely after long stewing over period of time.

The asam curry was special mix by Alu Alu Kitchen’s chef. We left this dish until the end then only makan because do not want the taste to overwhelm all other dishes. I even take home the remaining sauces.

Wok-Fried Tiger Prawn with Superior Sauce Served on Top of Yee Mee 上汤虎虾面

Wok-Fried Tiger Prawn with Superior Sauce Served on Top of Yee Mee 上汤虎虾面

9 of us sitting in the same table. All came to conclusion that this is our favourite of the evening.

A plateful of yee mee was hidden under 10 scrumptious tiger prawns. It looks bland at first, but when I take my first bite….


I have a taste at the yee mee, and the noodle has soaked up all the essentials of sweet tiger prawn after taste. It taste sweet, literally! You know those sweetness that only fresh prawns has? It filled up the entire plate, and the noodle soaked it up and tastes so delicious.

We korek the empty plate so we can have few more tastes of the leftover sauce hahaha.

Everyone one nodding while having this dish, it’s really that good.

Yam Ring with Mixed Vegetable 佛砵飘香

Yam Ring with Mixed Vegetable 佛砵飘香

Alu Alu Kitchen did it again. Their yam ring is delicious! How I define delicious? The yam ring was soft inside, and crunchy at the outside.

I have small bites of the vegetables only just to taste the flavour because my eyes are aiming at the huge services of seafoods hehehhe.

I leave my praises to other dishes, can I? I am afraid of having not enough adjectives to describe the standard of the food here.

Steamed Corn-Fed Chicken Served with Special Sauce包粟雞

Steamed Corn-Fed Chicken Served with Special Sauce包粟雞

The chicken comes with 2 dipping condiments, flavourful sauces that makes the eating experience better one. The condiments goes ridiculously well with the steamed chicken.

All I know one of them tastes like fried shallots, minced well until paste-like. Another one I can’t remember well but we keep dipping the chicken into the sauce.

Wok-Fried Fish Fillet with Shredded Potato and Wasabi 芥辣魚片

Calamari with Dry Butter Milk 奶油苏冬

Calamari rings are slightly overcooked, but that didn’t stop us from devouring the entire plate of good tasting sotong!

Is it myself that thinks calamari rings are always tough and chewy? I never really tried any calamari that is soft and tender.

Nothing can go wrong when calamari rings mix with dry butter milk. Gimme some more rice please!

Calamari with Dry Butter Milk 奶油苏冬

Wok-Fried Fish Fillet with Shredded Potato and Wasabi 芥辣魚片

One of the specialty of Alu Alu Kitchen’s! Not everyone is fond of wasabi, including my wife. But this is what she says…

“The wasabi do not have the aftertaste that I dislike, and it actually tastes fragrant with served this week. I like oh!”

You wouldn’t notice there’s any shredded potato to be honest. The wasabi-mixed mayo brings refreshing taste in an big pool of seafood.

I recommend you give it a try.

Wok-Fried Crab with Salted Egg Yolk 咸蛋螃蟹

Wok-Fried Crab with Salted Egg Yolk 咸蛋螃蟹

The crabs stacked tall in middle of the table, and yet non of us dig into this dish because we know spoon and forks are not sufficient enough to tackle this dish. We leave the ‘messy’ job until end of the session.

The salted egg yolk tastes good, that proves high-standard ‘kung-fu’ of the chefs.

However we suspect it’s not a good period for crabs because the crabs are so kurus, lack of meat I should say?

The captain says crab during this period don’t taste so good but they still served us nonetheless for the sake of food review.

Organic Vegetable Braised with Superior Sauce 上汤有机时菜

Organic Vegetable Braised with Superior Sauce 上汤有机时菜

Alu Alu Kitchen fully utilised all the produces from their own organic farm. Their vegetables are based on seasonality so it’s best for you to ask “what’s good on menu” from the captain that takes your order.

You know the bitter tastes you have in vegetables? Most organic vegetables do not have such after-tastes, and it fresh ones actually tastes slightly fragrant and sweet, literally.

Many people visit Alu Alu Kitchen for the organic produce – but we come here tackle all the heavy seafood meals. Hahahah!

Don’t care la, eat now and worry later. This is not a place for cleansing.

However you can buy fresh organic vegetables directly from their restaurant. The fresh produce are sent to restaurant daily so you remain “clean” while the rest of us ‘soak up’ all the juicy seafood and butters… yum.

Stir-Fried Organic Vegetable with Garlic 蒜米有机时菜

Stir-Fried Organic Vegetable with Garlic 蒜米有机时菜

Long beans stir fried! Same like vegetables like above, the produce are different depending on farm’s produce so it best ask for captain’s recommendation.

Almost no one go after the healthy, organic produces when there are fresh steamed fish,  butter prawns, salted egg crab, fish head asam curry… it’s always a tough choice, you know. team

Hello from fellow food bloggers and instagrammers!



Watan Ho 滑蛋河

Apparently their watanho is something worth dying for as well. I pay another visit again with my family to try other few dishes. Th

The “wok hei” for the noodle is my personal favourite, and my dad loves the gooey broth. “Hmm! this looks good, and taste really good too!”

We ordered similar dishes above, and I don’t want post up same photo again.

About Alu Alu Kitchen

alu-alu-kitchen-logoThe goal is always to grow and cultivate the freshest organic produce possible. Vegetables and fishes are painstakingly grown and farmed from their own farm. No preservatives, fertilisers or chemicals have been used in any of their farming practices and never will be.

Alu Alu Kitchen has been rated the “Top Choice” Seafood restaurant in Kota Kinabalu City Centre and recommended by the Lonely Planet Borneo 2013 Edition.

Ingredients are sourced directly from Borneo Eco Fish and Green-Os (read more below)

Address: Lorong Mangga 1. Kolombong Light Industrial Estate, 88450, Kota Kinabalu.
Business Hour: 10:00am – 3:00pm, 5.30pm – 10.00pm
Phone: 088 230 842

Delivery services

They provide delivery services to multiple locations too! Delivery charges are as following:

RM4.50 – Kepayan, Tg. Aru, Sulaman, Menggatal
RM6.50 – Penampang, Petagas
FREE – purchase above RM100.00

Order phone number: 088-230842 / 019-8962028

Borneo Eco Fish, Delivered Fresh

Borneo Eco FishFishes from Borneo Eco Fish safe quality fish that complies with Good Aquaculture Practice certification.

Raised in safe and hygienic conditions, following strict standards, thus awarded with Good Aquaculture Practice Seal by the Malaysian Department of Fisheries. Visit

Green-Os, Simply Fresh

Green-OsProduced by their organic farm in Kinarut, chemical fertilisers and pesticides free.

The farm complies with the strict requirements under Skim Organik Malaysia (S.O.M.), and has been award the S.O.M. certificate by Department of Agriculture, Malaysia.

Organic produces are sold for RM10-RM12 per kg.

Available in various supermarkets and hypermarkets around Kota Kinabalu area.

Website –
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