Beef noodle is referred as ngiu chap at Sabah.

Murphy from has gone through the troubles to taste the best beef noodles at Kota Kinabalu. This post is re-published with full permission. You can visit his website at

Following are the best ngiu chap according to Murphy. List is not in any order.

Traditional Style – Kedai Kopi Loi Hin (來興茶室)

beef noodle Kedai Kopi Loi Hin
Kedai Kopi Loi Hin has been making one of the best Ngiu Chap in Sabah for over 40 years. This restaurant is one of the “100 Best Coffee Shops of Malaysia” recommended by Tourism Malaysia.

Hainan Style – Kedai Cheng Wah (精華冰室)

beef noodle Kedai Cheng Wah
Opened by a Hainanese in 1961, the Ngiu Chap of Kedai Cheng Wah is still one of our favorite after 50 years. This restaurant is run by Wong family, and eat out there is like enjoying a nice meal cooked by your mom.

West Malaysia Style – Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap (家鄉牛什)

beef noodle Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap
Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap is the most popular Ngiu Chap of Sabah. Not only their Ngiu Chap tastes good, they also serve Ngiu Chap in variety of styles. This restaurant was featured by Axian (Jason Yeoh), in his famous food programme Taste with Jason (阿賢人情味).

Village Style – Mee Sup Pipin

beef noodle Mee Sup Pipin
Same as simple village life, we appreciate the simple and delicious Ngiu Chap of Mee Sup Pipin and they win the heart of city people too.

Sabah Style – Nyuk Pau Zai (孟加达 玉宝仔牛什)

beef noodle Nyuk Pau Zai
When people talk about yummy Ngiu Chap, you will always hear the name “Menggatal Ngiu Chap”. Nyuk Pau started with one restaurant in Menggatal town (Kedai Kopi Nyuk Pau Baru) 25 years ago, and now it has 8 franchise in Sabah and one in West Malaysia.

Spicy Style – Kedai Kopi Good Luck (澔運茶餐室)

beef noodle Kedai Kopi Good Luck
If you like Ngiu Chap and spicy food, you will love the Spicy Ngiu Chap of Kedai Kopi Good Luck. Their Ngiu Chap is special because it is Taiwan-style Beef Noodle customized to cater for the taste of Sabahans. Their springy handmade flat noodle is a big plus.

You favourite ngiu chap is missing from this list?

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