charsiew pork rice

To be honest, I wasn’t interested with this dish when I saw my friend ordered it.

“Hey, you should try this dish next time you come. It’s really good.” he says.

The next time I return to this restaurant. I took my friend’s advice and ordered the same dish – Char Siew Pork Rib rice.

First bite…

Oh my, it’s surprisingly good!

The pork is tender, the rice is lightly stir-fried. And it comes with some vegetables on the side too.

“Balance” is the word I’d like to describe this dish. It has the fascinating traffic light color too, lol.

Available during business hour of 1Borneo shopping mall. 10am-10pm if not mistaken.

Price: RM6

Location: CoffeeTea cafe. Lower Ground Floor, 1Borneo Sabah. Next to Giant shopping mall.