melvic chicken wing

All time favourite of mine. Melvic chicken wings are marinated in secret recipe, then BBQ’ed over slow fire.

These chicken wings are sold at individual small food stalls and the chef are fully trained to cook these wings to perfection.

This humble stall grew from 1 stall, to 7 stalls all around Kota Kinabalu food courts within years.

Each of the stall sell at least 200 wings so you can know the demand for these wings.

Their “franchising” model is what we should learn from. Who say you can’t get rich by selling chicken wings?

Here’s our KK version of Starbucks, man!

Available during dinner onwards.

Melvic Chicken Wings. You can find these stalls at these locations:
Lido food court
Taman Dah Yeh
Damai food court
Bundusan – Jin Shi Lou restaurant
Available from dinner time until sold out

Price: RM1.80 ea