curry fish head baba nyona

“Boss, do you serve smaller portion ones? RM33 seemed a bit too big for single person”

“Is ok. I can finish it by myself, so can you”. The boss lied.

Baba & Nyonya serve one of the best curry fish head in town. The thick and creamy, with slight sour taste is really appetizing. Goes really well with rice, and yet it’s not too spicy rejected some people.

Be sure to order a bowl of Cendol Nyonya to go together with this curry.

088 733 993 / Chef Baba 016 810 8206 / Chef Nyonya 016 810 8205

Restaurant Baba & Nyonya Recipe Sdn Bhd
Block E, Lot 34, Tingkat Bawah, Grand Millennium Plaza, Jalan Baru KK – Donggongon New By-Pass. 88300 Penampang, Sabah.

10am to 10pm daily