fish noodle fatt kei

One of the crowds’ favourite fish noodle in KK food scene. Fatt Kei Fish Noodle restaurant is run by a family.

Their fish noodle have caught many attention from food lovers past few years.

Lots of positive reviews for their savory tomato based soup. On some occasion, you can see tourist bus stopped at road side and let foreign tourist to experience this fish noodle too.

The ingredients are fresh, plenty of choices to choose from. The price is slowly rising to the higher price range. but that’s pretty common in KK food scene past 2-3 years.

Restaurant tends to get a bit humid during peak time, especially 12noon – 1pm.

Available from 6:30am until 3pm

Price: RM7

Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant
Fatt Kei Fish Noodle
Ground floor, Hiltop. Facing main road. Beside Prudential Building.

Contact: 0168380238 / 0168157259