fish sau meehon

This is rather awkward. I wanted to taste Indian noodle at Restaurant Jin Shi Lou.

“What’s the best single noodle you would recommend me?”

“We got xxx noodle, this noodle, that noodle, noodle noodle ¬†and more noodles!”

“Give me ONE – the best one.”

“Fish sauce mee hoon”.

The reason I can easily choose any noodle from this restaurant because their standards are pretty high. Nothing goes wrong most of the time. I’ve been visiting this restaurant more than 10 years now.

How does my fish sauce mee hoon tastes like? Fantastic. Don’t get deceived by the looks of the simple dish – it’s actually full of flavour. You can try other noodle/dishes when you are here.

Restaurant Jin Shi Lou
Opposite entrance of Beverly Hill Apartment (Phase 2)

Contact: 088 722 235

Price: RM6