guo tie


It is difficult to find good Guo Tie (pronounce teh, not tai) these days. Nowadays, the dumplings are either too dry, small or simply not delicious.

When these dumplings were at it’s peak-era, these good ol’ pan fried dumplings has captured many loves of local food lovers. I believe this dumpling legacy started at a small stall at Chuan Hin restaurant, where hundreds of dumplings were served daily, and long queues are norm.

Then, the stall owner opened up their own restaurant at nearby place called Hiltop. Business was good, they even expanded. However, the quality  dropped since then.

Luckily I am able to find this hidden small stall at Kolombong where they serve even better tasting ones from the original stall. The meat juice literally burst out at the first bite. Oh holy kaw.. I am in love with dumplings again.

Available from dinner until midnight

Price: RM0.60 ea.

Location: Ground floor, shop lot outside Taman Nelly roundabout, at the corner.