grill fish filipino market

It was an eye opener when I first reached Filipino market which is located within 3km radius from where I lived. Literally like my own backyard!

I never visited this place all these years because of  rumors I heard from old-aunties. “Wah don’t go that place ah, a lot of robbery ah”, despite that never been to that place themselves.

This Filipino market has been improved and increased security past few years. The stall owners wouldn’t want to have any robberies around because that will affect their businesses… stall owners probably have killed the robbers before the robber do any harm on customers.

Now, Filipine market is filled with tourists. As far as I know, this market currently serves as one of the biggest seafood night market in Kota Kinabalu.

Not only this place serves grilled seafood. This market also sells fresh vegetables, dry market and wet market, and even fresh sea produce!

It’s a rowdy market when the sun sets. A must-visit place for KK first timers. Tip: try negotiate price with the hawker in different languages ;)

Available after sunset

Location: Filipino Market, opposite Le’ Meridien Hotel.