hainan ngiu chap


“Ah moi, kasih saya satu ngiu chap!” I pointed at the menu.

I choose a table, sit down. The restaurant was still empty when I arrived. The stall is packed full of fresh beef, awaiting for incoming customers for the rest of the day.

3 minutes later, my beef noodle arrived.

“Ah moi, saya order biasa punya size. Ini BESAR oh!”

“Yala ini size biasa, boss.”

IT’S SO FREAKING HUGEEEEEEEE. The meat is tender and every slice of beef is cooked to perfection. Dip in chili sauce – whoa it’s so delicious. Every part of the beef taste different in terms of flavours and textures.

Wonderful bowl of beef noodle.



Kedai Kopi Yii Siang
Located opposite Inanam Bus Terminal. turn into junction at BMW/Volksvage entrance. You can find the huge yellow sign on your right hand side.