ikan bakar


I personally think this Ikan Bakar (grilled stingray) at Lotus Restaurant is the best version in Kota Kinabalu.

Normally, the typical grilled stingray is seasoned with curry paste and seasoning. But this stall, the owner adds a layer of flour and pan-fry until the fish until it has a layer of crunchy flour, which adds a dimension to the texture. Then, the owner added secret sauce to complete the cooking.

While cooking, he replaces the first layer of banana leaf in cooking half way to avoid the banana leaf burning.

To finish it up, he added more toppings on top – fried onions and extra vegetables to complete the dish. Ah, puuuurrrction! it’s so good!

Available during dinner time only.
Price: RM20? (depends on size of fish)

Location Lotus restaurant near Damai.