Malaysian Kuih Malaysian Kuay Malaysian Kueh

Full credit goes to Lee Xin Li

This is an excerpt from his Behance account.

It started off as a proposal for a Peranakan restaurant. In the process of drawing the kueh, I was fascinated by the plethora of kueh from the various cuisines around the  Southeast Asia. Each piece led to the discovery of kueh I never knew.
Kueh has many names. I have chosen to use “kueh” instead of kuih, kway or kue. When enjoying. There are many forms of spelling for each of the kueh from Baba Malay, Malay ,Indonesian to Chinese. I have included some of the alternative names and used their common names as well for the 3 pieces.

What a fascinating illustration from Mr Lee. I always wanted to know the names of these kuih-muih! Please share this article too if you think it’s interesting! :)