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Kürtös Kalács is the oldest Hungarian pastry which stems from the Hungarian words kürtő that refers to “chimney” and kalács meaning “cake”. Kürtös Kalács was first made in Covasna County, Transylvania Region by Hungarian settlers and the recipe is one of the best kept secrets of Eastern Europe.

At Kürtös Spiroll (TM), every piece of Kürtös Kalács is baked to perfection after going through hours of fermentation to achieve maximum taste and aroma. Our Kürtös Kalács are individually hand-made for you to inspiroll your taste buds!

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The Story

So… what is this?

“Kürtös Kalács” by Kürtös Spiroll is a traditional sweet pastry which was originally baked over hot coals by Hungarians residing in Transylvania, Romania the mythical home of Dracula!

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Originally the Kürtös Kalács or Chimney Cake (as it is known in certain parts of Europe) was baked only during special occasions such as weddings or festivals but as more people fell in love with this Hungarian pastry, it is now available throughout the year and now we at Kürtös Spiroll are bringing it to YOU at Imago Mall, Kota Kinabalu!


To make the product, a special recipe dough is rolled by hand into an even strip and then wrapped like a ribbon around a wooden cooking roll. The dough is then caramelised and baked to perfection in a purpose built oven.

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A topping of choice is then sprinkled on the steaming hot Kürtös Kalács. The caramelised surface creates a sweet, crispy crust while leaving the inside fluffy & soft.

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Kürtös Kalács by Kürtös Spiroll are freshly prepared on-site from scratch, baked rather than fried, unique, and delicious. A taste of Eastern Europe in Malaysia!

Pavilion KL outlet

They have outlets in Pavilion KL, Queensbay Mall at Penang, and Gurney Paragon Mall at Penang.

Where can you find us?

B-49, Lower Ground, IMAGO Shopping Mall, KK Times Square Phase 2, Jalan Coastal, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.

Contact us:

Ernie – (60) 012-5020 331

Business Hour:

10am to 10pm daily