texas lamb steak

I am not sure if they still serve this lamb steak at Texas Bar and Grill.

This lamb chop is one of the most tender and best tasting lamb chop I’ve ever tasted. I was told that the chef was from a fiver star hotel.

I tasted this lamb chop during an invited food review in 2012 and I think it deserves to be in this food list.

I also like the ambiance of this restaurant after major renovation. Very colorful and fun to take photos with.

My other favourite is their Mushroom cream soup. Price is reasonable and food is good. Recommended.

I am surprised there’s not much coverage on Texas restaurant because I honestly think they deserve to be on the top food list.

Available – Lunch and Dinner

Price: RM20+ (?)

Texas Bar & Grill
Opposite Hyatt Hotel. Next to Upperstar