Tales and great stories always have an interesting place of birth, more often than not, they originate from bars, and in ancient times, a Tavern.

Which brings us to an interesting amalgamation of current trends, and a name with an ancient history.

Surely if you’ve been following the foodie trends around town, there has been much hype around lobster dishes. The famed Lobster burger which has opened its doors in Malaysia, lobster rolls, slipper lobster tom yum and slipper lobster wat tan ho.

However, the innovation by the team at Tavern Kitchen & Bar at Imago has us floored. Combining Malaysia’s most famous dish by far – Nasi Lemak; with the trend of Lobsters. No, not slipper lobsters; actual sized Lobsters!

I was pretty dumbfounded myself. Entering the restaurant for dinner, I was semi-confident that this Nasi Lemak “Lobster” would definitely include some sort of slipper Lobster to make you say “Aha! I knew it wasn’t a full sized Lobster.”

Afterall, who in the world would offer actual Lobsters for RM49 a dish?

Tavern did.

Upon ordering, the waiter teased us with some of their new thirst-quenching beverages. This included the 10 Inch Cocktail, which is a madman mix of Vodka, Kahlua, Guinness and a secret ingredient that for my own safety, will not divulge.

Followed shortly after is the trifecta that we were all waiting for.

Firstly, the Giant Squid and Tiger Prawn side dishes.

The giant squid was flavoured heavily with the chef’s special sambal sauce and also a side of acar.

The tiger prawn interestingly, had a tinge of tuhau (local wild ginger) that other eateries would not be able to replicate, making them very much exclusive to Tavern only.

The star of the night – the Lobster Nasi Lemak. I’m sure everyone and anyone reading this has already had Nasi Lemak throughout their individual food journey.

However, nothing up to this point has prepared you well enough for the beautiful mix that is Lobster and Nasi Lemak.

Succulent at the first bite, the Lobster was topped with your preferred sauce (we went with Sambal) and a layer of cheese.

Now let’s be honest here, spicy sambal and cheese make a really good combination, and this is directly applicable to this dish.

The wonderful mix of the sambal in the Nasi Lemak and also the Lobster absolutely delighted my taste buds.

As the saying goes, a Nasi Lemak Lobster a day keeps the tummy very happy.

Promotion period: October 2017 – December 2017