lido pan mian

Many confuses the restaurant of this name with the exact location. This restaurant originates from Lido (name of one area), hence the name “Lido Pan Mian”. However whenever I tell others to have breakfast at this “Lido Pan Mian Restaurant”, they always ended up at Lido instead of it’s permanent location now at Lintas Square. I guess the owner created an accidental branding.

One of the reason I enjoy this hand made noodle so much is the seasoning they used. I love the mix of fried shallots and pork lards in noodle. The soup based are mainly anchovies and pork… plus more fried anchovies on top. Always great to eat with minced raw garlic and squeeze of lime.

Available from 6am until 3pm (rest on Thursday)
Price: RM6.50

Location: Lintas Square.