pork belly chop

What the heck is this? It’s PORK BELLY CHOP!

I tend to get excited with dish that involves any pork – especially pork lards. Please pardon me.

Archie D’ Corner has been serving western food for 20+ over years. They don’t have any special ‘secret’ recipe for any of their dish… what they serve is simple, down to earth, classic western food.

What makes them famous? Their SERVING PORTIONS! Make sure you don’t consume any meal 3 days before visiting this restaurant. The price is reasonable too.

They often move from place to place, so they lost plenty of customers. If they can maintain at a place and build up customers database, they probably have several stores now. Me thinks.

Available during dinner only.

Price: RM20


Archie D Corner
Shop lots opposite Taman Cantek, facing Venetian Club.