kedai kopi seng cheng wah

Sen Chong Wah is like a mini museum of Gaya Street.

Besides the usual food served in kopi tiam (steamed pork buns and coffees etc), you can enjoy the history of Gaya Street and entire KK. The old photos and pictures are arranged chronically, and every single photo has it’s own story. Even THE Legendary Boxer – Muhammad Ali, came yum cha here before! (Got photo as proof).

He ordered a bottle of Coca-Cola. Meh, he still doesn’t know sugar is bad for health during that era.

Try spend an afternoon there and chat with the old uncle and old aunty there. They love to share stories.

Available from 6am until 4pm+

Price: RM1.60

Sen Chong Wah
Ground Floor, No 128
Jalan Gaya Kota Kinabalu
88000 Sabah Malaysia.