pork burger

I heard about Big Bad Wolf Pork burger stall in Facebook status. It was a stall by a friend’s friend’s friend. (Wayyy too social).

I heard plenty of good feedback from them. Like any typical KK people, we are hesitant to try new food.. So I have to apply the “let me waste money on the food first so I’ll tell you if it’s good” mentality.

The burger is actually pretty simple… Bun + Pork Patty + Cheese + Sauce. Only the key ingredients. Less is more, bebeh!

You can enjoy the juiciness and sweetness of pork throughly with such minimal ingredients. It’s enjoyable.

Who needs vegetables in their burger anyway?

Update: Changed owner. Pricing changed. Taste changed.
Update #2: Double Patty is now RM9.50. Damn pork price.

RM5 for one patty; RM9 for two patties.

12noon to 11pm daily.