roti kahwin bun

I accidentally found this hidden old coffee shop while I was searching for entirely different thing. I did not find what I wanted, but I found this crowded shop during 3pm. I walked to counter and asked,

“Boss, what’s the crowds’ favourite here? Good business ah!”

The owner looked at me, calmly replied,

“Sit down ah chai, I bring you some of our famous buns”.

He presented 2 roti kahwin, in the form of soft BUNS. Not in the usual toast bread.

“We are famous with this. Have a bite.”

Upon the first bite, I swear I want to let the entire KK people know about this Kopitiam.

“Boss I ask you ah, how long have you ran this business?”

He pointed at the wall, written “1996”.

“Wah so many years already! I am glad I found your place! How come I don’t know one?!”.

He shrugged.

Maybe this Kopitiam is well known among the locals… but to people who stayed further away.

There’s no way we know about this place.

You can try their “economy” noodle stalls too.

Available: I assume its from morning until later afternoon. Usually finish before 5pm.

Price: RM1.50

Kedai Kopi Jin Hwa
Bundusan, beside Welcome seafood restaurant.