yen ai sea coconut

Favourite liong cha cafe of locals. Whenever locals are looking for healthier session for yum cha session, Yen Ai is the preference of majority.

They serve a wide range variety of liong cha and desserts, both hot and cold. Their specialty is definitely Sea Coconut 海底椰.

Optional: Whenever I am feeling heaty, or sorethroat/fever is coming.. I’ll drink their bitter herbal tea (with extra powder). It works like charm every time, although I am still unable to identify the exact ingredient underneath the ink-color juice.

There’s a Chinese saying, “苦口良藥”, which literally means Bitter Medicines are usually good for health.

Yen Ai 仁愛
Luyang branch:
Lot 6, Ground Floor, Bornion Centre Luyang, Kota Kinabalu
088 252 450

Lintas branch:
Lot no 15-00, Ground floor
Lorong Lintas Plaza. KK Sabah.
088 244450


Business Hour
Mon to Sat
10:30am to 11pm