seafood claypot

My favourite seafood claypot. This dish originates from another town called Beaufort. You can find it in almost every restaurants that serves Beaufort food.

Every restaurant has it’s version of ingredients, but they taste similar. The claypot usually contains fresh prawns, cuttlefish, fish slices, carrots, baby corn and fried tofu. The sauce is thick and flavourful. Usually served in pipping hot claypot where the it sizzles all the way to your table.

I can easily finish two bowls of rice with only this dish. Two bowl of rice means enormous portion for me – I usually only have 1/2 bowl of rice.

Available during lunch time and dinner time only.

Yu Hing Restaurant
City Mall
2-0-20, Block D, City Mall.
88300 Kota Kinabalu

Price: RM32

Contact: 088-484747