Sri Latha Curry House Papadam

Papadam is light and crunchy, a bit salty taste… we can’t stop eating this because it’s so appetizing!

We keep on ordering because we can’t get enough of this, lol.

Sri Latha Curry House Menu

Price list for reference. Taken as at 30th December 2013.

Sri Latha Curry House Curry Fish Head

Fish Head Curry (RM?)

Very famous fish head curry in Kota Kinabalu. Many people told me about how great is the fish head, but I still have not taste it yet for so many years (fail la this blogger).

Even this time I also didn’t pay much attention to the fish head because I was planning to bring my mum here to eat already. My mum is big fans of fish head, so… my mind was occupied while the BIG PLATE OF FISH HEAD CURRY WAS IN FRONT OF ME!

Sri Latha Curry House Quail

Quail (RM?)

Oh this is good!

Taste like chicken! The spices they use are fragrant, with slight peppery and spicy aftertaste but nothing too overwhelming. I wish they sell cold beer when I eat this.

Sri Latha Curry House Fish Roe

Telur Ikan (RM?)

I have bad experience in eating fish eggs (refer to post: I have Gangnam eyes). However my bad experience didn’t stop me from eating this.

Hmm, taste like fried egg! Hahaha. But with wayyyyy lot more of depth and the fried curry leaves are sooooo good.

I wish they can make a dish with fried curry leaves as main dish, and fish eggs are side dishes.

Sri Latha Curry House Lunch Set

Lunch Sets

Set lunch at Sri Latha is a must-have! it comes with main course, side dishes and rice of your choice (white rice or nasi briyani). Drinks not included.

We ordered the entire set of set lunch… read more below.

Sri Latha Curry House Chicken

Chicken Set (RM10.50) – comes with x4 side dishes, white rice/briyani rice on a sheet of banana leaf. Taste like chicken. Well cooked, chicken meats falls off the bone. Red and sexy.

Sri Latha Curry House Mutton

Mutton Set (RM11.50) – comes with x4 side dishes, white rice/briyani rice on a sheet of banana leaf.

A bit too salty, despite the rich taste of curry spices. I would eat this again however I’d wash off the spices with a bowl of soup… urgh, what the heck would I do that?

Sri Latha Curry House Sotong

Sotong Set (RM10.50) – comes with x4 side dishes, white rice/briyani rice on a sheet of banana leaf. Argh didn’t taste this! I forgot!!!

PS. eat with hand for maximum pleasure.

Manggo Lassi (RM6.00) – I notice all of them ordered manggo lassi, and I wanted to try something else different so I ordered “milo ping”. I feel like I am a very smart guy until a friend told me their manggo lassi is their famous drink.

Sri Latha Curry House Thanis Mary

Thanis and Mary, all the way from Brunei!

Thanis and Dinoza invited bloggers around KK to join them for lunch. They originally invited me to DJ event previous night but I was unable to make it (the DJ was way too sexy, I can’t take it).

Sri Latha Curry House Food Bloggers

Bloggers joined us:

Sri Latha entrance

Sri Latha Curry House Namecard

Sri Latha Curry House

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