Guest post by: Stanley Geoffrey Puvok

Everyone who joins my newsletter knows that I like to communicate with them. Some become real life friends, and some remain anonymous friends and sorta become like “pen-pal”, and we exchange tips about where are interesting food around KK.

Stanley, an email subscriber of, told me that there are some interesting soup noodles missing from the list, so I asked for his recommendation and where can I get ’em. He took the effort to write a comprehensive email that I think deserves a proper blog post at Eatbah. By doing so – everyone can benefits! Stanley’s suggestions are superb – because I never tried any of them before! This makes me feel like there are still hidden gems at Kota Kinabalu food scene. This is so exciting.

Here’s Stanley’s reply to me:

Well, there’s few places that I can recommend for you to have a sip of their soup.

1. Kedai Kopi Seng Yi (next to Permai Policlinic, Kingfisher)

Kedai Kopi Seng Yi

Kedai Kopi Seng Yi

Kedai Kopi Seng Yi

This is one of the most recommended noodle soup you must try. It has the unique taste and very pleasing. I usually called it Bah Kut Mee (and sometime Pai kut mee). Well, im not really sure the real spelling for this noodle. Also, if they asking you for the drinks, ask for Har For Chau (chinese herb tea). It will be served in a bottle and can fill up 3 glasses, and only cost RM 2.50! (better than a glass of milo ping)

2. Kedai Kopi Elim (located just in front of All Saints Secondary School, Likas- the old shophouses)

Kedai Kopi Elim

Kedai Kopi Elim

This shop is famous of his Fish Noodle Soup (but i like the kon lau also). The interesting part was, it was prepared by an old lady aka owner of the shop. So far, this is the best fish soup i ever taste and you can try it for yourself.

Kedai Kopi Elim
The chef herself… (brown color dress)

3. Mee Sup Sibius (located in Kampung Inobong, Penampang)

Mee Sup Sibius

This one would be a bit tricky to get there. If you are using GPS (Latitude: 5°54’3.41″N, Longitude: 116° 8’2.42″E)

Mee Sup Sibius map

Click for bigger size

Would be more easy to get there using the Penampang-Tambunan old road. Once u drive along a down-hill until you saw a big steel bridge, turn right. It is a family business and would be eating on someone’s house. (Don’t worry, you wont be eating inside their house! ^_^ ). The soup was tasty and if you ever heard Mee Sup Pipin (one of the famous in penampang also), most of the people would said that mee sup sibius are much more delicious than mee sup pipin.

Well, i only can share 3 shops to you at this moment. There’s a few more but i need to recall the shop name. I just know how to get there, sit down and order…

Anyhow, will update more to you..


Happy Kaamatan. Don’t drink and drive…or you might spill off the drinks

From Daniel:

You can contact Stanley at stanley.puvok @ or Whatsapp him on 014-2012926. Send him a thanks message!