salut steamed prawn

Seafood is one of the biggest attraction in Sabah. Whoever came Sabah without tasting any of Sabah’s seafood… is (fill in the blank with bad bad words)..

One of the all time local favourites, Salut Seafood Restaurant, is located about 30 minutes drive from city center.

Like any other seafood restaurants, you have many types of seafoods to choose from, prepared in any choice of yours. My favourite dish is simply boiled prawns.

For me, I think simply boiling the prawns at it’s most natural and freshest state, is THE best way to consume prawns. The sweetness of prawns fills your mouth. Dip into soy sauce and put into your mouth… chew-chew-chew… oh man it’s delicious.

  • RM90.00 per kg
  • Business Hour: Afternoon until late night
  • Address: N/A.