Tavern Kitchen and Bar is a Borneo and Western food fusion. I was sceptical when I first heard it, and was like “it’s about time someone do this!”. I was lucky to be invited blogger for food review, I invited a few bloggers along too – good stuff must share.

The restaurant is located at Aramaitii walk – which I didn’t know existed until I try to find this restaurant. To my pleasant surprise, I was glad to see so many new restaurants along this stretch of road.

Here’s my impressions on the foods. Enjoy!

Crispy Cheese Sticks (appetisers)

tavern-Crispy-Cheese-SticksThe cheese sticks are wrapped in rice sheets and deep fried. Outer layer is crispy, inner is oozing with melting cheese. You’ll love this if you’re cheese lover. Only if someday I can have this while watching 2 hours movie


Black Spicy Chicken Wingies (appetisers)

tavern-Black-Spicy-Chicken-WingiesChicken wings covered with black pepper sauce. The wings are slightly over-fried I think so it’s slight tough. The sauce was slightly too overwhelming so I only taste black pepper. Either case, this dish didn’t made any hard impression on me.


Nasi Aduk Warung Bali

The rice came with strong fragrant smell, something similar to tuhau if not mistaken. Many side dishes to choose from, the chilly paste sambal and pickles are definitely my favourite.


Nasi Goreng Kampung

Kampung fried rice! Comes with sunny egg on top, fried shrimps, vegetables and piece of crackers. The taste is OK – but didn’t leave too much impression for me either. Maybe because I have tasted so many dishes before having this!


Chicken Pice A La Tavern

chicken pie a la tarven
I love this. The puff pastry and meat fillings are separated, so the pie is not soggy while served. The chicken fillings are yummy too! Gooey-cream cheese, chicken fillets and some root vegetables. I’d come back for this.


Mile High Beef Burger (Charcoal Bun)

I do not have comment for this because… I no longer eat beef ^^”
You can check out the other bloggers’ review, links are below this post.


Sweet Teriyaki Salmon

The salmon piece is a bit small to my liking – but compare with normal raw sashimi, this is much larger! Comes with friend rice, heaps of salad, and more salad. Taste wise – hmm, taste like salmon and teriyaki sauce!


Spaghetti A La Sabah

This dish caught our attention. None of us know what is this when arrived, not even myself! (I ordered the foods myself). So, it’s fried spaghetti.. Sabah style! There’s a resemblance of Char Kuey Teow, but not exactly like it. All I can tell is, the ‘wok hey’ brings out the appetite!


Seafood Tom Yam Noodle Soup

My wife loves this. I think she finished the remaining noodles and soup… and add on extra rice so she can finishes the entire bowl of Tom Yam soup. Her comment? “They used plenty of lemon grass, that’s why I like it very much”. I personally love the ingredients they used… large scallop, squid and shrimps


Lamb Shank Pie

Probably the highlight of the evening. Took 30-40 minutes to prepare. The entire lamb shank is inside a pie! (or try to be…). The lamb is stewed until the meat fell from bone, and is really really really full of flavour. I took the final piece because I know, good stuffs shrink to bottom… haha.


Address: Lot G-93, Aramaiti Street Walk IMAGO Shopping Mall, KK Times Square Phase 2, Jalan Coastal, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 12-586 0093
Hours: Daily 10AM–12AM

The overall experience is pleasant I should say, nothing much to critique about. The price is definitely on the higher end, but the environment, customers service and friendliness of the staffs made up for the premium price. The marketing manager, Amy, told me there’s 30 staffs working during peak period. That’s a lot of people!