Malacca Hainan Chicken Rice

Malacca Hainan Chicken RiceDirection | Lunch time only | RM6.00

Ratings 5/5

Chicken is tender and juicy. I always go for “hitam” one because it looks more sexy. Haha. Rice is dry occasionally but chicken sauce complete the taste and texture. Chili sauce is well mixed with ginger paste. The soup taste good too. I like the mouthful feeling of chicken and rice in one single bite.

5 Stars Chicken Rice

5 Stars Chicken RiceDirection | Lunch and Dinner | RM6.00

Ratings: 4/5

Chicken and sauce is always cold when served. The only hot thing is rice and soup so there’s “unbalance” there. The meat is slightly tough but is ok to consume. No comment about the rice too, sometime I’d go for second bowl. Chili sauce is mild spicy and a bit sour. What I like is the consistency of the food there so no surprises every time I go there. I get what I expect.

Ho Kei Chicken Rice

Ho Kei Steamed Chicken Rice
Direction | Lunch time | RM6.00

Ratings: 5/5

One of the tastiest chicken rice at KK, I’d say #1, or #2 of entire KK (personal preference). Why? The chicken is juicy and tender, the sauce is excellent. What make it even tastier is the bestest-chili sauce. It’s spicy, sour, and savoury at same time. “More! more! more” when I eat the chicken. Really enjoy the entire experience.

A1 Honey Soy Chicken Rice

A1 Honey Soy Chicken RiceDirection | Lunch time | RM6.00

Rating 3/5

Portion is a bit small. The chicken taste like char-siew, topped with sesame seeds. Rice is soft, but the creaminess is bit overwhelming. I wish the dish comes with more sauce so it’s easier to consume. If the chicken is more tender I believe this is a good chicken rice. Chili sauce is normal.

Ho Chiak Thai Sos Fried Chicken Rice

Ho Chiak Thai Sos Fried Chicken RiceDirection | 10am to 8pm | RM6.00

Rating 2.5/5

I was recommended to try Thai sos version instead of the steamed version. The deep fried chicken is tough and the meat shrunk half. Thai sauce was obviously from bottle so nothing worth mentioning. Rice is overwhelming creamy and oily, had hard time finishing it. I heard the steamed chicken is ok so I’m willing to give it a try again.

Swee Kee Steamed Chicken Rice

Swee Kee Steamed Chicken RiceDirection | Lunch and Dinner| RM5.50

Ratings: 4.5/5

Besides tasting the chicken, I put a lot of points on rice. Among all the chicken rice in this list, I love the rice there the most – well cooked, fragrant and complete shape. Chicken is tender, with bones. Chili sauce is not spicy, more on sourness taste. The fried garlic on top makes this a very palatable chicken rice. Oh, most importantly the soup has to be hot too.

Ah Yue Steamed Chicken Rice

Ah Yue Steamed Chicken RiceDirection | Lunch time | RM6.00

Ratings: 4.5/5

The chicken is served with bones, very nice to “zot”, and the meat is chewy too. But, rice is a bit dry and majority are “beras hancur” so nothing much about rice texture. Soup is OK. Chili sauce is on sour side too. Overall experience is good despite my critiques. Will visit again.

Peppermint Spicy Chicken Rice

Peppermint Spicy Chicken RiceDirection | 8am to 10pm daily | RM6.50

Ratings: 4/5

Chicken is delicious when freshly deep fried. Taste like KFC, but the sauce makes it tastier! Rice is cooked with ginger bits, so it taste a bit refreshing. Soup is chicken broth, which is pretty common among chicken rice stalls. Chili sauce is sweet and mildly spicy.

Yue Lai Huang Foh Sang Hainan Chicken Rice

Yue Lai Huang Foh Sang Hainan Chicken RiceDirection | Starts 10.30am until sold out | RM5.50

Ratings: 5/5

I personally think this is #1 chicken rice in KK. The chicken is deboned, soft and chewy. Topped with fried garlic oil… THIS IS GOOD!! The soup comes with winter melon so it stands out from the rest of competitor. Chili sauce comes with ginger paste, mildly spicy and sour, and it’s addictive eating this plate of chicken rice. I enjoyed through out the process.