tuaran noodle sincere

Tuaran noodle is another iconic local noodle. The noodle is made up of mainly eggs and noodle, it tastes more dense and ‘creamier’ than the usual yellow noodle.

The best way to prepare this noodle is add cuts of meats like pork roll, cha siew fried eggs – then add more eggs when they stir fry the noodle.

How does it taste? I am sure you can imagine by the usage of eggs in one single plate of noodle.

It’s very EGGIE yet you can’t stop eating once you started.

Definitely something different than usual plate of stir fry noodle. Must try.

Best place to try this noodle is at..

Kedai Kopi Sincere
Next to Thai Seng Supermarket (Kian Kok High School)

Price: RM7

Business Hour
6am until 2pm