yong tou fu

There isn’t many shop here that specialise on Yong Tau Fu here in Kota Kinabalu. While majority of the Yong Tau Fu served in KK are stewed in tasty broth, this particular restaurant deep fried their Yong Tau Fu instead of stewing it like other places else.

Who doesn’t like deep fried food? Especially after a good night out?

This Yong Tau Fu stall is strategically located at Waterfront, where the major watering holes are at. You can find Irish pubs, Western food, Japanese food and even night night clubs – all located here.

My favourite choice would be deep fried lotus slices with fish paste. Goes well with beer.

What is Yong Tau Fu?: fish paste inserted into <ingredients of choice>. Cooked and served with sweet sauce and chili paste.

Available during dinner time until late.

Price: RMN/A

Location: Waterfront, near to The BED night club.