ZenQ My Signature

I have to be honest here. I own ZenQ Desserts here in Lintas Square, KK. You might think I am biased with this review… I am! >:)

But fact is, I won’t buy this dessert franchise if the desserts did not live up to expectation. In our desserts, there are certain ingredients that must be sourced directly from Taiwan. That’s what makes our dessert stood out from dessert scene here in KK. There are taste you won’t taste any other place else.

If you were to taste only 1 dessert from ZenQ Desserts, try ZenQ My Signature. It’s our signature. RM7.90 per bowl.

Available from 11:30am to 11:30pm daily.

Price: RM7.90

Address: Lot 13, Block C, Lintas Square (same row as Maybank), Jalan Lintas. KK.